The security of electronic casting a ballot machines has been the subject of investigation, just before the November U.S. presidential decisions. Is it accurate to say that they are secure? Is it true that they are unknown? What’s more, if the appropriate response is truly, by what method can we know? A Symantec security master as of late exhibited exactly what a roused programmer can do to undermine the decision by hacking an electronic casting a ballot machine.

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Would hackers be able to Hack the Election?

At the Black Hat show this year, Symantec’s Brian Varner exhibited a security imperfection in an electronic casting a ballot machine and the shrewd card a voter would use to put their vote. Utilizing a little gadget to abuse this defect a programmer could possibly cast different votes, altering the framework. This is concerning when five states (Georgia, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and New Jersey) utilize electronic casting a ballot machines without a paper vote check framework to review the outcomes, as per a CNN report.

Other Cybersecurity Concerns

Another cybersecurity concerns raises doubt about the security of decision databases and voters’ information. Authorities as of late affirmed that the state race databases of Arizona and Illinois had been hacked and examinations concerning the security rupture are in progress, as per a few news reports.

Different cybercriminals are benefiting from enthusiasm for the U.S. decisions to advance vindictive spam. A misleading content story including presidential competitor Hillary Clinton is being utilized in a spam email battle to spread malware. Satnam Narang, Norton security master, wrote in a blog entry enumerating this vindictive spam crusade that individuals ought to continue with alert when accepting any kind of sensationalized substance referencing the November races battle. “With under 90 days to go until Election Day, we encourage everybody to watch out for suspicious messages that may utilize either presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, as goad. When looking for news identified with the US decisions just visit confided in news sites and abstain from opening spontaneous messages.”

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